Sunday, July 12, 2009


hi. OHkay. so i just realized what may be my biggest pet peeve. my god. when people make the same freaking face for every. single. picture. they. take. i mean come one! mix it up! maybe throw in happiness, or apathy, or exasperation or sommmmme sort of emotion. if every picture in existence of you has the same pouty, kissy, generic, myspacemirror look to it, i'm talking to you! variety is a good thing. embrace it. take it out to dinner. and then maybe people won't remember you as the person whose face froze for all time in the most ridiculous of manners.

just something to think about.

oh. also. i love free slurpee day =]


I. Hate. Towing. Trucks.

hi. so on friday, heather and i went to the canal club in richmond to see her boss' band, memory fade, play. they were really good and i even got a free cd, despite my attempts to win one in a bet that if we beat the drummer, zane, in pool, i'd get a free cd. that didn't work out too well for me. but anyway, the band was really cool, and super nice, and they finished their set at around eleven, so we started to make our way home. let my paint you a pretty little picture:

two seventeen year olds in schockoe bottom, richmond, walking down the street on a friday night, at 11 pm. they turn the corner and suddenly realize that the car that they arrived in has suddenly disappeared. who else to blame but marshall bros. towing specialists? the two girls then call the number on the billboard, conveniently located for all the towees to see. the two girls then walk across the street to the parked police car, explaining that they are underage and that their car has been towed. the nice policemen find a nice cab company to take the two girls on a nice drive to a nice hellasketch street in the outskirts of henrico.

so. upon arrival at the towing services office, we notice that the lights are out, and no one seems to be home. so we call the towing guy and he says that he'll be there in about twenty minutes. pah! heather and i sit in front of the office, on the ground (making sure, of course, we're in clear view of the camera, so if any one murders us, they'll have it on tape) for about 45 minutes before the towing guy decides to show up, towing along with him, two more cars. i mean really, who tows cars at midnight? that's people's way to get home. should be illegal. anyway. he shows up and heather doesn't have enough moeny on her card so we end up paying 55$ in cash, 50$ on her card, and 50$ on my card. yes. that's 155$ plus the 25$ from the cab fare of unpredicted, unnecessary pay. the guy finally releases our car and we are back on the road at around 1 am. ohhhh the adventures that define my life =]


FABULOUS Marshall Bros. Towing Specialists.